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United States Patent Applications US20080056191 & US20080090523 Successfully Granted.


CargoTrax Singapore(CTS) introduces New Products & Services!
Warehouse to Warehouse - Land-Sea-Rail-Land. End-to-End Real Time.
Global Supply Chain Security & Logistics Management.

* Fleet Management - Land & Rail Segment Complementing Maritime Container Asset Monitoring
+ EU manufactured high quality GSM-GPRS-GPS Telematics Terminals
+ Optional Satellite Module
+ Optional Sensors - Heat, Light, Vibration, Acceleration, Volumetric, and more.....
+ Back Office Monitoring Server Software - Free Internet Monitoring, GPRS, SMS
+ Real Time 24x7 Visibility & Control of Assets in Transit
+ SIM Bundled Comprehensive Roaming Service
+ Monthly Fixed Price
+ 24 Month Service Agreement
+ Full Service Monitoring or Self Service Monitoring Option
+ Highly Competitive Pricing
+ CTS offers Competitive Comprehensive Insurance Cover

* Fuel Monitoring - Consumption Measurement System for Ships
+ Real Time Visibility and Control
+ Remote Wireless Management Access
+ Integrated Navigation System
+ Management Information on environmental changes affecting fuel consumption
+ Total Infrastructure package custom built
+ Rapid recovery. ROI through savings

* Port Security - MESH Wireless Sensor Networks
+ Provides Seamless Visibility
+ Enhances Security
+ Reduces labour costs
+ Increases Efficiency & Efficacy
+ Enhanced Management Control
+ Low operational costs

* International Global Roaming SIM Card - Fixed Price
+ GPRS, SMS, Voice (optional)
+ Monthly Fixed Price Package
+ Customized Service Packages
+ 24 Month Agreement
+ One Fixed Price for International Global Roaming
+ Highly Competitive Pricing Options
+ No Hidden Extras

* Franchise Partners invited to Promote Telematics Fleet Management
  a Unique Full Service Commercial Opportunity!
  Exclusive Country Agents & Distributors Wanted - Apply Now!

Franchised Territories Still Available -:
Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Cambodia,Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, etc.

PS: We do not respond to Free Email Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Respond by corporate Email only!


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