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About CargoTrax Singapore

CargoTrax Singapore® Pte Ltd is an entity incorporated in 2008 and based in the Republic of Singapore.  The company was established for the following reasons:

- To be close to the target customers;
- To leverage on Singapore’s strategic position in the maritime container shipping industry;
- To ride on the Singapore government’s push towards innovation and centre for R&D in advanced technologies; and
- To apply for a standard for CargoAssetTrax® Solution for Supply Chain Security.

CargoTrax Singapore has differentiated itself by offering the first operationally tested and patent-pending solution, CargoAssetTrax®, for global multimodal tracking, tracing and security monitoring of containers.

As the CargoAssetTrax® solution is the only available solution that meets the needs of the global multimodal transport industry, the management of CargoTrax Singapore believes that there is significant opportunity in the industry for a company that can introduce a tracking, tracing and security monitoring solution to cover the entire end-to-end chain of transporting containers.


To provide an End-to-End near Real Time Visibility, Control, Security and Logistics management to cargo and assets, from the Point-of-Loading into a steel Container (Duplex Communications, Access, Visibility & Audit, inside the steel Container) up to the Point-of-Discharge & Delivery.


To be the Total Services Integrator and Market Leader in a niche within HazMat, Defense, Explosives, Military, Mining, Oil Drilling industry, offering a comprehensive global service.

Why Singapore?

The move from Europe to Singapore reflects the strategic importance of Singapore as a Centre of Excellence in the Maritime Services Industry.

The dynamic leadership in the Government of Singapore supports innovation both in technology and marketing, especially within the Maritime industry. Singapore, with one of the largest commercial Ports is located strategically to serve Asia-Pacific, Africa, Australasia, Europe and Americas.

Singapore is a pioneer in the Green Lane Access to Ports of USA, due to highest security efficiency and efficacy, supporting the Container Security Initiative.