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Container Security Initiative (CSI)

CSI is a program intended to help increase security for containerized cargo shipped to the United States from around the world.

In post-9/11 America, the Container Security Initiative (CSI) is based on an idea that makes sense: extend our zone of security outward so that American borders are the last line of defense, not the first. Through CSI, which was announced by Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Robert C. Bonner in January 2002, maritime containers that pose a risk for terrorism are identified and examined at foreign ports before they are shipped to the United States. In so doing, Commissioner Bonner hopes to prevent terrorist threats from being carried out. CSI consists of four core elements:

  1. Using intelligence and automated information to identify and target containers that pose a risk for terrorism;
  2. pre-screening those containers that pose a risk at the port of departure before they arrive at U.S. ports;
  3. Using detection technology to quickly pre-screen containers that pose a risk; and;
  4. Using smarter, tamper-evident containers.

(This Solution No:4 created by MobinTeleCom Oy of Helsinki Finland and TriaGnoSys GmbH of Wessling Germany is, by far the most comprehensive, Remote, Stand-Alone, Wireless Telematics Security 24x7 Monitoring Solution, available in the market.

The combination of Tri Band 900-1800-1900 GSM-GPRS-GPS-RFID Telematics interacting with an Intelligent Active RFID Container Door Seal, 24x7 monitored, via Satellite, Anywhere-Anytime by a GSM Mobile handset, or over the Internet, provides the ultimate security monitoring solution.).

Under the CSI program, the screening of containers that pose a risk for terrorism is accomplished by teams of CBP officials deployed to work in concert with their host nation counterparts. Containerized shipping is a critical component of global trade because about 90% of the world's trade is transported in cargo containers. In the United States, almost half of incoming trade (by value) arrives by containers onboard ships.


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