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Mesh Technology

mesh technology

1. For Dry Containers Below Deck
2. Approx. 2 Yrs of Battery Life

Mesh operation is highly dynamic and self-healing, and functions without existing access point or base station infrastructure.
The stations (nodes) in WSN organize autonomously and route each other’s traffic in multihop routing fashion to a gateway or several gateways that connect the wireless network to other technologies, e.g. Internet delivery or database server.

United States Patent Applications US20080056191 & US20080090523 Successfully Granted.

Container unit, MESH network, and system reporting container events
United States Patent Application US20080056191.

The invention enables a reliable end-to-end monitoring system by means of which the location of containers and other conditions related to the containers can be continuously or almost continuously monitored. The containers are equipped with such container units that are capable to co-operate with each other, which is especially needed in challenging radio environments.
The co-operation of the container units is based on mesh network algorithms. Each container unit placed in a container includes
a short range radio and a cellular network radio. Thus, the container unit is able to connect to two different types of communication networks. In addition, each container unit uses a certain connection set-up logic. When a set-up attempt results in a connection,
the container transmits its message through the connection. The invention comprises the container unit, a mesh network
composed of container units, and a system reporting container events.

Container Unit, Message Switching Equipment, Routing Method, Routing Directory, and
System for Monitoring Containers
United States Patent Application US20080090523.

The invention includes a message switching equipment for transmitting messages between container units placed in containers
and a monitoring server. The message switching equipment comprises at least a container unit 201, a gateway unit 202 providing communication links 203, and a message handler 204 which is coupled to the monitoring server 205.
The message switching equipment is adapted to send a first message 206 from the container unit 201 via a cellular network 207 to the message handler 204 in response to an event relating to the container. In more detail, the first message 206 is sent through
a cellular network radio 208 of the container unit 201. The equipment is further adapted to receive through a short range radio 209 of the container unit 201 a second message 210 originated from one of the container units and transmit the second message 210 from the container unit 201 via the cellular network 207 to the message handler 204. The equipment is further adapted to receive through a short range radio 211 of the gateway unit 202 a third message 212 and transmit the third message through the gateway unit 202 to the message handler 203.

End-To-End TUT-MESH GPRS-GPS Presentation

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